Unsupported Archibond UL1

Unsupported Archibond  UL1

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This archivally approved Texicryl/Paraloid adhesive is completely transparent. The supple film is protected between two layers of release paper. It can be activated at the usual laminating temperature of 70º C to 80º C and on cooling forms a bond which is strong, yet supple.


The flexibility of the unsupported Texicryl/Paraloid adhesive is a great advantage in the reparation of archive material. It can be used for the remounting of book plates, mounting prints, drawings, and restoring delicate and woven materials.

Many conservation processes require direct adhesion between items, with no bulk, as in the lamination of Japanese papers. Unsupported Archibond is ideal for this type of conservation lamination.

Available in roll sizes:

  • 1040mm x 10m
  • 1040mm x 25m


To prepare the Unsupported Archibond cut it slightly less than the required area (1-2mm) whilst still between the release paper. This prevents any seepage during lamination. Carefully remove one layer of silicone release paper (one side will tend to lift easier than the other). Place the uncovered Archibond down on to the first object which is lying on a sheet of PTFE or Silicone Release Paper. Tack lightly on the remaining silicone side if necessary with a Tacking Iron. Cover with the second sheet of PTFE or Silicone Release Paper. Place the supported subject on to the platen of the hard-bed press, pre-set at between 70º C to 80º C (158F to 175F). The dwell time is approximately 20 to 30 seconds.

Allow to cool before removing the remaining silicone release paper gently. Place second item on top of adhesive. Through protective layer(s) of silicone/blotting paper tack down gently to prevent any movement in the press. Laminate as before between protective sheets of PTFE or Silicone Release Paper.


Unsupported Archibond is reversible in Industrial Methylated Spirit, or other suitable spirit-based solvents. Care should always be taken when delaminating documents with suspect spirit-based inks.

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