Document Repair Tape DRT1/DRT3

Document Repair Tape DRT1/DRT3

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Archival Document Repair Tape was developed in association with one of the country's leading paper conservation departments for the temporary repair of documents and bindings.

The use of Archival Document Repair Tape will prevent further deterioration and thus enable both safe handling and use until a more satisfactory repair can be made. In addition, with its low gsm, the user is able to repair bindings without inflicting further structural damage through excess bulk.

Archival Document Repair Tape has also been used in the labelling of archival material.

The base tissue is a 100% Manilla fibre 9.3gsm material coated on one side only with an acid-free archivally approved Butyl-Acrylate "Acrylic" adhesive that contains a very small percentage of Dibutyl-phthalate plasticizer (to enable the tape to be pressure sensitive). The pH of the material is between 7.0 and 7.5.

Where possible both sides of the damaged area should be treated with Archival Document Repair Tape.


Even after artificial ageing Archival Document Repair Tape is completely reversible using a suitable spirit solvent.

To remove Archival Document Repair Tape a piece of Archival Photographic Blotting Paper should first be placed under the item. Then, with a lightly moistened swab of cotton wool containing a suitable solvent, gently dab the surface of the tape. After a minute or so the base paper will lift off revealing the acrylic adhesive. Gently dab the adhesive layer with a remoistened swab, after a few minutes the adhesive layer will also be removed.

Care should always be taken when removing Archival Document Repair Tape from ephemera with suspect spirit-based inks. The use of Industrial Methylated Spirits is recommended although other solvents may work faster. Care should however always be exercised and the necessary safety regulations observed when handling all solvents.

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