Area Bonded Fibre Super Plus ABF1

Area Bonded Fibre Super Plus ABF1

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Area Bonded Fibre (ABF) is a very flexible and virtually transparent laminating material with an open weave nylon polymer (10gsm), coated with archivally approved Archibond adhesive*. It provides paper with an extremely good defence against future physical and chemical damage. It is most suitable for documents which are subjected to regular handling. Apart from using ABF for full lamination it may also be used locally as required. For binding a quantity of single leaves ABF is sometimes used as a quick and simple method for making up folios or attaching guards. It is also used for lining weak spine areas as a sewing reinforcement.

Available in roll size:

  • 1016 mm x 100m roll
  • 1016mm x 10m roll


Two pieces of Area Bonded Fibre should be cut out, slightly larger than the document. Place the document between the two coated sides, gently secure the document into place using the Tacking Iron with a piece of Silicone Release Paper separating the head of the iron from the ABF. Over tacking will lead to creasing of the fibre caused by the fibre's inability to move whilst between the platens.

With the Hard-bed Press or Semi-Matic Laminator set at between 75º C and 85º C (167F and 185F), the document for lamination should be placed between a carrier. This is two pieces of either Silicone Release Paper or PTFE Cloth, one each side of the laminate sample. This "sandwich" is then placed on a carrier board and pushed into the pre-heated platens. The dwell time is approximately 35 seconds.

On removal, allow the carrier to cool slightly before removing the laminated document. This prevents the sample from curling. It may be trimmed down to within 1.5mm all round. This margin will ensure proper lamination and assist with any delamination that may subsequently be required.


Even after artificial ageing Area Bonded Fibre may easily be removed by placing the laminated document between blotting paper immersed in a shallow bath of IMS, or other suitable spirit-based solvents. Care should always be taken when delaminating documents with suspect spirit-based inks.

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