Archival Framing Tape AFT1

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Developed primarily for the hinging of works of art on paper, Archival Framing Tape is now used by several of the country’s leading authorities in the field of Print and Paper Preservation and Repair. Archival Framing Tape is also used, due to it’s high tensile strength, to seal the back of picture frames and the sides of photographic glass plates.

With a base stock of pH 6.2, Archival Framing Tape is coated with a special PVA adhesive having a pH of 7. For added protection, a 3% Calcium Carbonate buffer is added to this 64gsm tape.

Available in roll size:

  • 24mm x 200m 90gsm


Archival Framing Tape should be applied using a slightly moistened sponge over the adhesive side of the tape. Care should be taken not to over dampen as this will lead to the tape slipping over the surface of the paper.


Archival Framing Tape can be removed by carefully remoistening with a wet sponge. When removing hinges from water soluble printed ephemera ensure that all treatment is localised to the area around the hinge only.

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