Archibond Tissue Coated with Archibond 1/3 Adhesive AT1

Archibond Tissue Coated with Archibond 1/3 Adhesive AT1

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A heat set laminating repair tissue. A lighter weight tissue that is stronger than Crompton but 20% thinner and more transparent. The base tissue is a 100% manilla fibre, 9.3gsm tissue and it is coated with a Paraloid based Archibond™ 1/3 adhesive, giving superb clarity, lower bulk and yet increased tear strength.

Tested and approved by the British Library.

Available in roll sizes:

  • 950mm x 100metres
  • 950mm x 25metres


Two pieces of Archibond Tissue should be cut out, slightly larger than the document. Placing the document between the two coated sides, gently secure the document into place using the Tacking Iron with a piece of Silicone Release Paper separating the head of the iron from the Archibond Tissue. Over tacking will lead to creasing of the tissue caused by the tissue's inability to move whilst between the press platens.

With the Hardbed Press or Semi-Matic Laminator set at between 80º C and 90º C (176F and 194F) the document for lamination should be placed between two pieces of either a Silicone Release Paper or PTFE Cloth on top of a Pressure Board and between the platens for 20 to 30 seconds.

On removal, the laminated document should be trimmed down to within 1/16" (1.5mm) all round. This margin will ensure proper lamination and assist with any delamination that may subsequently be required.


Even after artificial ageing Archibond Tissue may easily be removed by placing the laminated document between blotting paper immersed in a shallow bath of Industrial Methylated Spirit, or other suitable spirit-based solvents. Care should always be taken when delaminating documents with suspect spirit-based inks.

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