PTDA Deacidification Treatments for Paper

PTDA Deacidification Treatments for Paper

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PTDA solutions are non-aqueous treatments for preserving all types of paper or card. They are colourless, safe solutions which can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing, and are effective in neutralising existing acidity and depositing an alkaline reserve throughout the paper which increases the life of documents by several times normal. They may also assist in cleaning and will provide a resistance against oxidative attack.

They are simple to use, rapid and cost effective and avoid the problems associated with aqueous treatment methods especially as books may be treated whilst bound without any danger of swelling or breakage of the binding.

PTDA solutions do not contain any CFC components unlike previous generation solutions but otherwise the active ingredients remain the same and so in effect they have been in use for more than a decade by leading libraries and institutions throughout Europe including the British Library and the Biblioteque Nationale. Papers and documents treated by these solutions have been thoroughly tested by a number of independent institutions.

The solvents used have essentially no effect on paper and although very few inks are affected, all unknown inks should be tested initially for discolouration or feathering etc.

Papers with fibres containing large amounts of lignin, such as newspaper, naturally are pH sensitive and may yellow slightly on treatment, though this is stable and eventually these will become whiter than untreated material as it browns during ageing.


A clear to slightly yellow liquid with a solvent odour. Density 1.1 Kg/Litre containing Methyl and Ethyl Magnesium Ethoxy Carbonates, less than 5% Methyl Alcohol, less than 15% Ethyl Alcohol and Siloxane solvents. The solution is non-toxic but ventilation systems should be used when spraying to avoid the possibility of suffocation. Spraying should also not be conducted in areas where naked flames are present, for example gas heaters, as the vapours will burn and may be degraded by fire to more harmful components.

Application and Use

PTDA solution is designed to dry rapidly therefore the work should be planned so that it can be completed as quickly as possible. Solution will become contaminated with white deposits when exposed to the air for a period of time and eventually will gel. Solutions should be used within 10-15 minutes of pouring. Used solution must not be returned to the bulk container but if still clear may be retained for future use in an airtight bottle.

It is essential that solutions should not be allowed to become contaminated with water in any quantity as this will cause rapid degredation of the active components causing a reduced neutralisation effect.

Treated documents should not be tested with a surface pH probe electrode until all solvent has evaporated, otherwise contamination of the electrode with solvent will cause a reduction in the response time and eventually failure.

Available in sizes:

  • SUPTDA0016 - (DA01600) - 600ml
  • SUPTDA1016 - (DA01600B) - 12 x 600ml
  • SUPTDA0015 - (DA015) - 5ltr
  • SUPTDA0019 - (DA0119) - 19ltr
  • SUPTDA0125 - (DA0125) - 25ltr


All utensils should be cleaned after use with alcohol and then dried. Spary guns and pipelines must be flushed with cleaning solution at the end of each period of use and must not be left for long periods with treatment solution in the lines.

When using a Particle Technology Ltd spray unit the gun should be replaced in the solvent tank provided when not in use.

For heavily contaminated items a special acidic cleaning solution is available.

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