Paraloid B72 Acrylic Polymer SY07

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General Description

Solid, clear beads used widely in many areas of conservation. The principal areas are as a consolidation agent and as a varnish for pictures and metal.

Soluble in a wide range of solvents.

Paraloid B72 does not become insoluble or degrade significantly in normal conditions of exposure. It is chemically and mechanically stable.

It has good viscosity in solutions and is very strong when dry.

Instructions for use

Consolidating wall paintings (1-5% w/v in the chosen solvents).

Consolidation of fragile wood in veneered furniture, polychrome sculpture, etc. (5-20% w/v in the chosen solvent).

Continuous stirring is always advised when pouring Paraloid B72 beads slowly into the vortex of the solvent. A magnetic stirrer is very useful.

May be used as an adhesive for glass and ceramics. N.B. Also available pre-dissolved in acetone as Particle Technology Conservation Adhesive (Product Code AD20)

Technical Information

Co-polymer of methyl acrylate and ethyl methacrylate.

Soluble in : -N-butanol, diacetone alcohol, methylene chloride, ethylene dichloride, trichloroethylene alcohol, ethyl acetate, amyl acetate, toluene, xylene, acetone, 2-ethoxyethanol, methyl ethyl ketone and dimethyl formamide.

Pack Sizes Available

1 Kg


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